Initially I created this site as a project for my Web Design Course in the South Nottingham College back in 2006.
This was my first serious website created using such a wonderful powerful Web design software like Macromedia DreamWeaver.
And it is remaining my main personal website.

I should admit, I did not have any problem to find a subject for my Website.
I was pretty sure that I would dedicate it to my city I had lived in nearly 15 years.
That was Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, an old beautiful city in the centre of Europe.
The city with its unique Old Town included in the UNESCO World Heritage List,
the city with its castle and churches comprising various architectural styles,
the city with its legends and special traditions, the city with its multinational cultures.
After joining the EU in 2004, dynamically growing Vilnius started to attract loads of tourists,
because it has got many things to offer, of course.
There is a plenty of things to see for people of different cultures, religions and interests, believe me.

First of all, this website is meant for the British audience, with all information given to those
who wants to travel to Lithuania, work or live there, buy property or do business in that East European country.
Some pages of the website are still under development, and all present ones are updated regularly.
The general pages and those ones with travel and tourist information about Vilnius and Lithuania are complete and updated weekly, in terms of ways of travel, so that the audience could view all routes and timetables up to date and do not miss that coach, train or flight. Information and advice pages about accommodation, main attractions and entertainment in Vilnius will be added shortly.

In the nearest future you will be able to shop on this site: buy books and DVDs about Vilnius, different souvenirs, and even Lithuanian food, which will be delivered directly to your door within 48 hours.
There is nothing to worry about, the e-shopping on my site is totally safe and secure, as safe as it is on Tesco, ASDA or any other shopping websites in the UK.

I am registered as a sole trader in the UK and own an online shop on eBay. You can always check my credentials on eBay, PayPal and other financial control institutions in Great Britain.

Finally, I am going to develop this site and include information about other two cities I used to live in: Irkutsk (Russian Siberia) where I was born, and Galway (Ireland) where I have lived two best years of my life.

Please make sure you contact me by email, if you have any questions, ideas etc.

Also, please visit the "About Me" page and the "Feedback" page, which is just one click away (click on that black arrow below on your right-hand side).

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