The second legend tells:

While laying the foundation the prophets demanded to sacrifice the brightest young man. Only then the town would become famous and unconquerable.

The young man who was chosen for this deed stood up at the bottom of the foundation pit, andsaid he agreed to lie down under the foundation of the castle in the case the prophets guessed three riddles:

bulletwhat was the sweetest in the world?

bulletwhat was the easiest in the world?

bulletand what was the hardest?

The prophets without any doubt decided that:

bulletthe sweetest was honey,

bulletthe easiest was a dawn,

bulletthe hardest thing was the foundation stone.

The young man did not agree and explained:

bulletthe sweetest thing was mother's milk for a baby,

bulletthe easiest thing was a baby on mother's hands

bulletand the hardest thing was mother's sacrifice of her only son's heart.

They were taken aback by the young man's wisdom and told him to get out of the foundation pit.

But the prophets did not give up. In order to make the castle very strong and unconquerable it was decided to sacrifice the brightest and the most beautiful Lithuanian girl.

Soon such a virgin was found and she agreed to be offered, only she asked to pick up a bunch of nicest meadow flowers.

As soon as she stepped into the pit a large corner-stone was rolled.

How surprised all were to see the girl standing quite safe and fit. Only the stone beat the bunch off her hands.

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